“... I feel that the Bertram House of Swampscott may be the gold standard in the industry. We have been so impressed with the entire staff and the professionalism with which they handle themselves. Without question, Bertram House gets exceptionally high marks for its place in the hospitality industry regarding senior assisted living. Living at your facility has been wonderful for my mother.  I have seen kindness, compassion, and patience, but above all else such love by the staff in doing simple little extra things that may go unnoticed, yet nevertheless are still done. I am so grateful that my mother is in such a wonderful environment.  It gives our family such peace of mind knowing that we made the right choice for her care.” -- MaryAnn P., whose mother has resided at Bertram House since 2013

      "Mom has been living at the Bertram House since 2012.  What a blessing it has been for mom to live in such a nice community!  The staff are so caring and friendly.  And she has made some good friends.  I am so happy to have her living nearby and to know that she is being cared for so well.  I am truly grateful for the Bertram House!"  -- David K., whose mother has resided at Betram House since 2012.

     “I am extremely satisfied with all of the services.  Heidi, in particular, has been just wonderful!  I always take the opportunity to tell people what great care my Mom is receiving at Bertram House.”  --  2014 Family Satisfaction Survey comment from a Reminiscence family member

The Bertram House has exceeded our expectations for the care of our mother.  The staff is outstanding and deserve praise for the kindness and compassion they shared with our mother.  We will highly recommend the Bertram House to our community, friends and family.” -- 2013 Family Satisfaction Survey comment from an Assisted Living family member

     “When I was looking for a place for my Dad to stay, I knew I wanted a place with a homey atmosphere.  I truly feel I found that at Bertram House.  It’s small, so in time everyone knows everyone.  The food is incredible, which is a huge thing for Dad.  They also do a lot of activities which promote interaction with fellow residents.  I can rest assured knowing that Dad is safe in a nice place!” -- Laura E., whose father has resided at Bertram House since 2013

     “The Bertram House has made a remarkable improvement in my mom’s life.  She particularly likes the exercise class.  The myriad activities and the companionship continually lifts her spirits.” -- Jeff H., whose mother has resided at Bertram House since 2013

     “The care that my mom, Alison K., gets from the staff at Bertram House is so comforting to me, that when I leave I feel happy inside to know that her last home is filled with love.” -- Cy K., whose mother has resided at Bertram House since 2012

     “Everything all of you do every day to help the Bertram House residents and their families is so important and valued. It is such a special place, way beyond the ordinary. All of you-care managers, nursing staff, concierges, facilities, medication aides, and the administration-are fantastic! Words cannot express our gratitude.” -- family member of a 12 ½ year resident

     “We continue to feel our mom is so lucky to be enveloped by the Bertram House family. The staff-each and everyone of them, is fabulous! Thank you so much…” –family member of a 7 month resident

     “A million thanks for you being so wonderful to mother. From the very first day, to her last breath, you cared for her as if she were your own family. Your knowledge of her condition, and sharing this with us, was so helpful.  It is a difficult thing to see your mother succumb to Alzheimer’s….yet you all made the journey much easier for us to bear. We are forever grateful…” -- family member of 5 year resident

     “I want to mention how amazing the Reminiscence floor is. Since my wife and I came here 5 years ago I have seen how well the staff care for her every need. Watching someone you love suffer from Alzheimer’s is never easy, but the care managers here seemed to get my wife smiling and glowing-she seems like a new person every day!” -- 5 yr resident

     “Everyone here is loving and kind, always trying to help in every way they can-I’m so glad I left my home years ago, only to find this ‘better’ home.” -- 8 year resident

      “My dad had the best 6 years 8 months of his life that any person on earth could ever wish for! He loved living there and he sure gave every indication he could go on forever…” –-- family member